There are 17,504 in Ohio (42nd in USA per capita)
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Ohio Megan's Law

Being named after Megan Kanka, Megan's Law was put into federal law in 1995. Megan's Law requires that every state have a system in place for alerting the public when a sexual offender is located in their community.
Megan was only seven years old when a repeat sexual predator that was living accross the street from her family, abducted, rapped, and killed her. It was decided that had her family or other community members had been aware that a previous sexual offender was living amongst them, this heinous act would've been prevented. With those thoughts, the U.S. Congress legislated the "Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994", also known as Megan's Law, without any opposition.
Ever since the law has been put into effect, Ohio has gone out of its way to protect its citizens the most recent information relating to past sex offenders and their place of residence. The bill has proven that while sexual offenses are still a danger in the United States, acts committed by prior offenders are on a regression.
The information obtainable through the passing of Megan's Law has shown to be a signifcant benefit in keeping one's family shielded from the threat of sexual offenses. Getting updated on information that is pertinent to you an your household is crucial. We are committed to assuring that retrieve accurate data in a timely manner. Our database covers the entire United States and can be search by State, County, City, or Zip Code. Just include your area into the search field, and receive the data you need in seconds!

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